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Painting permits direct access into my own personal laboratory where I develop forms and visual landscapes built from my imagination. I work with color, line, pattern and shape, arranging and rearranging until I am inspired to elaborate on a composition, going deeper into its texture, its biology.


As a writer does, I am building my own characters, their personalities and context in which they live. Just as a reader injects their own personal knowledge into a story, enriching the plot, my objective is to allow the viewer to explore their own visual narrative, enhancing the forms with their own imagination.


For over twenty five years, prior to painting, I worked in clay as a ceramic sculptor. Restricted by technical limitations, I felt that I was working at the edges of what I am capable of inventing. Painting allows me to be as honest as possible as a visual artist. It is a forum where I can be the designer, color theorist, and inventor, giving form to my creativity.



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