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Interview with Joyce Creiger:


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NANCY HAYES’ UNIVERSE, Don Wilkinson In anticipation of the early-April opening of “Anatomy of a Small Universe"


Quotes by Gallery Directors, Curators and Writers:


“Ms. Hayes is devoted to perpetuating a shape repetitiously while exploring scale and placement, yet building her compositions so that we are continually discovering new relationships. Her works evoke cosmic, cellular or botanical motifs, some seem to sprout machine- generated versions of her patterns that call to mind our increasingly fretful understanding of what is alive and how we understand our world.”

Bridget Lynch, director of Trustman Art Gallery at Simmons College.


 “To view Nancy Hayes’ intricately patterned paintings is to become immersed in a kaleidoscopic garden of delights. The explosive design and exquisite detail of these paintings call to mind the decorative traditions of Islamic art as well as images of molecular structures and medical imaging of the human body; yet they forge their own compelling and aesthetic identity.”

Rachel Lafo, director of the Richmond Art Gallery in Richmond British Columbia, former curator at the DeCordova Museum.


 “...emotive, dazzling and satisfying on many levels. Ms. Hayes’ move to painting feels natural and expansive. Her images are a reflection of the delight found on this new path. Pattern, in its most complex, pervasive, yet elemental sense, informs her work and color is the engine to express mood.”

Kathleen Hancock, director of Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA.

“You’ve never been where the artwork of Nancy Hayes takes you. Her colorful assemblages are too alive, too crisp and meticulous, to be found in a dream. They are more like a real parallel universe, studded with such curious shapes and relationships, even the colors seem unusual. Have we plummeted into an Alice-in-Wonderland vortex of flowers? Are we an insect within the jungle of a biologist’s lens? Have we burst into a world stitched by braid and patterned with eyes? Hayes pushes the imagination far, way far.” Ann Parson, science writer 

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